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    ISIS supporters hijacked California earthquake hashtags on Twitter to presumably garner a larger audience for threatening posts. Popular earthquakes hashtags such as #napaearthquake and #sfearthquake were filled with graphic images and terrorism threats against America. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, northern California experienced a 6.1 magnitude earthquake on Sunday. Many of the California earthquake

    ISIS Targets U.S. Shopping Mall for Suicide Bombers

    ISIS Terrorism Supporters have been using social media, such as Twitter, to instill fear within the United States. According to IJ Review, a man by the name of John Osborne has been scoping Twitter searching for anyone who was showing support for ISIS and their actions such as the recent beheadings. Osborne tells IJ Review,

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    Islamic militants demand ransom

    ISIS is demanding $6.6 million in ransom to stop the threatened execution of a 26-year-old American woman. The family of the hostage has asked the media to withhold her name, but note that the woman was involved with humanitarian relief in Syria when she went missing in 2013. The demand from Islamic State militants comes

    Mom pleads for the ISIL to release her son.

    Steven Sotloff, a 31-year-old American freelance journalist, was captured in August of 2013 in Syria. According to Yahoo News, militants from the Islamic State recently released a video threatening the death of Sotloff unless the U.S. military stopped the air strikes against their organization. In the same video, the militants decapitated another American journalist named


    Steven Sotloff

    Following the brutal beheading of American journalist James Foley recently by a British ISIS militant in Syria, the world finds itself outraged by the barbarism of ISIS in the middle east. In the video of Foley’s death another American journalist, named Steven Sotloff, appeared, also dressed in orange, being held by the masked ISIS terrorist